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Eat a little better, great flavor, good health, better world, Sam Kass ; photographs by Aubrie Pick - hardcover

This book lays out Kass's plan to eat a little better. Knowing that sustainability and healthfulness come most, well, sustainably when new habits and choices seem appealing rather than drastic and punitive, Kass shares his philosophy and methods to help make it easy to choose, cook, and eat delicious foods without depriving yourself of agency or pleasure. He knows that going organic, local, and so forth all the time is just not realistic for most people, and that's ok--it's all about choosing and doing a little better, and how those choices add up to big change. It's the philosophy he helped the Obamas instill in their home, both in Chicago and that big white one in Washington
Table Of Contents
Introduction -- Eat more vegetables. Roast those vegetables ; Grill those vegetables ; Eat those vegetables raw ; Orange is the new white -- Be a better meat eater. Eat more fish ; Eat more chicken ; A little pork is all good ; Just a little beef, but make it good -- Eat more grains and beans
Literary Form
non fiction
First edition.
Includes index
Physical Description
287 pages, color illustrations, 27 cm

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