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Alice in Borderland, story and art by Haro Aso ; English translation & adaptation Jonah Mayahara-Miller - paperback

"Eighteen-year-old Ryohei Arisu is sick of his life. School sucks, his love life is a joke, and his future feels like impending doom. As he struggles to exist in a world that can't be bothered with him, Ryohei feels like everything would be better if he were anywhere else. When a strange fireworks show transports him and his friends to a parallel world, Ryohei thinks all his wishes have come true. But this new world isn't an empty paradise, it's a vicious game. And the only way to survive is to play. The first game starts with a bang, but Ryohei manages to beat the clock and save his friends. It's a short-lived victory, however, as they discover that winning only earns them a few day's grace period. If they want to get home, they're going to have to start playing a lot harder"--, back cover
Literary Form
Viz Signature edition.
Description based on volume 1
Physical Description
volumes, chiefly illustrations, 21 cm

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