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Temptress, Lola Dodge

"My two favorite things in one book - superheroes and romance - uh YES PLEASE!" -Literary George A seductress. A super brain. She's an indie operative who only works alone, stealing other super heroes' powers with a kiss and bringing down the bad guys. Those stolen powers add up to a crazy arsenal, but Temptress isn't built for super strength and shooting laser beams. Her body is falling apart and a teensy mission slip-up gets her tangled with the Manhattan Ten. He's the M10's leader. The man, the myth, the Mensa-conquering legend. Nothing escapes Thinktank's calculations... Until a run-in with Temptress leaves him powerless. Superpowers stolen with a kiss can only be returned with a kiss. Natural enemies can only get closer. And closer. And closer... It's love at first fight in the second volume of the Manhattan Ten Series. [A novella-length superhero romance of 30K words. Rated 18+ for adult language and some sexual content. Perfect reading for fans of Jennifer Estep's Bigtime series and Lexi Dunne's Superheroes Anonymous.] The Manhattan Ten Series: 1. Ivory - October 2019 2. Temptress - November 2019 3. Belle Fury - December 2019 4. Angel - January 2020
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